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A Weekend by the Sea

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So, I purchased A Weekend by the Sea by Joan Anderson from the iTunes music store for my new iPod and have been listening to the first chapter all week. Yeah, the first chapter. I wanted to set aside some time to do the calendar exercise introduced in that chapter, so I haven't let myself go past it until I took the time for it.

I started the calendar exercise this morning. It's interesting. Take a piece of paper, and write down the 12 months of the year, leaving space to write under each one. Then, write down all of the things you can remember that you did in each of those months in the last year. Don't go look at your calendar, just try to remember what happened that involved you. Take some time to be surprised at how little you can remember if you need to.

Then, around each activity, put a square if it was exhausting, a triangle if it was envigorating, a heart if it connected you to your partner or someone close to you, and a circle if it was just for you alone.

My calendar is interesting. I've got a good mix... but there's a pattern. I'll have a month or two with a lot of squares, a lot of activities that weren't for me, that were exhausting, or that were done for others. And then right after those couple of months, there will be a month that's half circles.

Clearly, I'm pretty good at taking care of myself when my warning bells go off telling me that I'm reaching a danger zone. But I don't think about it so much when things are going well, when I'm not stressed. Add that to my insights, I guess.