A Woman, Thinking

Another Case of the Smelly Female Body

Because GRRLS Rock!, Perversity Abounds!Poppy Lochridge2 Comments

I'm sure if you add up the number of scented and de-scentING products for both men and women, women would only have a slight edge. After all, the personal care market markets to men almost as heavily as to women about the smell of the natural human body. This may just be the one thing that pushes us XX-types over the edge, though. I have yet to see - nor do I expect it to arrive shortly - a musk scented razor for men who can't bear the possibility of - what, exactly? Depilitating with something that doesn't smell like food? Holding one of the thousands of things that the average human might pick up in a week that doesn't carry an attractive scent?

All of which is to say - WHY on EARTH would we *need* razors with scented HANDLES? Y'know, I can see them trying to sell us on some kind of scent added to the moisturizing aloe strip that's standard on razors now. In a very loose theory, that aloe strip might even be replenishing our skin's need for unnatural citrus or lavender smells. But the HANDLE? WTF?