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Booking Through Thursday

Stuff I don't even tell my motherPoppy Lochridge2 Comments


“What’s the worst ‘best’ book you’ve ever read — the one everyone says is so great, but you can’t figure out why?”

Neuromancer, by William Gibson.

Supposed to be a great book. Supposed to be a classic Spec-Fic, the beginnings of cyberpunk.

And I couldn't make it past the first 3 chapters. Couldn't find my way to caring about Case enough to want to know what happened to him. You see, I read stories about people, not about wires and electronic chips and chemicals. People. And Case - well, he just wasn't a very interesting or likable person. I'd still love to read some good cyberpunk, but it's gotta be about the people.

Book #2, which almost made my top worst "best" book? The Wise Woman, by Philippa Gregory. Gregory's books have hit best-seller lists, been turned into movies, gotten lots of acclaim... so I thought I'd try one of them.

In the first 2 chapters, the main character of TWW manages to betray the only people who've ever cared about her more times than she changed her underwear, all for a warm bed and walls that aren't drafty. Sorry, Ms. Gregory, I just can't continue reading about a character with the morals of a gerbil. I gave that one away, hopefully to someone who enjoyed it more than I did.

What's your worst "best" book?