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Breathing into Extroversion Hangovers

Healing & HeartPoppy LochridgeComment

What worked?I did a bit of finding common ground about a difficult conversation that needed to happen. And it worked - we agreed that no-one was asking for the impossible and the stuff in writing just needed to be clarified.

Stocking up on tasty beverages worked! I always had a cup of tea handy if I wanted one, and the option to stop at the cafe for something else if I didn't.

Leaving gifts for Future-Me. Setting up the air filter in the room I wanted to be in later so that by the time I got there, I would have clean air. This helped the seasonal allergies enormously.

Deciding that fresh cut veggies are good enough for dinner, not just a snack.

Next time I might… When I'm not going to be home in time to set up the air filter, I could call and ask the Mister if he would set it up for me. Then I can come home to comfort!

Mysterious and Challenging Boston - my college town.

Project management and negotiation.

Overdoing something, and ending the week with an extroversion hangover.

Sparkly Delights I got an awesome email!! I didn't have anyone to share the sparkle with, but I got an awesome email with a thank you note in it. It felt so good to receive!

Breathing. Breathing is good.

Magical Powers Last week, I asked for a surprise power... and I'm still guessing what it was. No idea.

Next week, I'd like a safety salve that smells like roses and reminds me that I don't have to Please All The Peoples.

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