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Poppy wants to live in a world where everyone's story matters, regardless of their income or way of life.

As a photographer, she's won ribbons at the county fair. As a spiritual seeker and writer, she's been featured in Jen Louden's The Life Organizer and once published an article at allthingsgirl.net.

When she's not writing or photographing her story, she can be found at her day job as a technology consultant, or at home snuggling her cats, or in the park, taking a walk with her husband.

Scooby WHO, where are you?

It's Sunday and this is our 6th week of wishes - we skipped week 5, if you were counting and confused.


My husband’s new puppy is finally…. A rumor, and not just a wish. A lot of uncertainty about this along with the relief, and possibly some gratitude when it becomes more than a rumor.


All of my wishes for a Reminder of Ease, Solitude, and Thinking came out as a week off from writing these posts. I’m not sorry.


Something did, in fact, happen that created a safe place for me to process all the grief, and that created some room to come to terms with some truths about authority and friendship and the Arena. A breath of gratitude that this happened, and a second breath for awe around growth.



What do I want?

This week, I am excited about a new project, one that I’ve scheduled time for this summer. It’s a ripe, juicy berry of a thing, and it poses a paradox: in order to protect this ripe, juicy excitement, I absolutely cannot, must not, shield it too closely. When I get in too close, too protective, my clumsy feet step on it, and squash it. The only way to protect this tiny sweet thing is by letting it grow - and that’s so hard. So there’s my big want - I want my tiny sweet, juicy berry of excitement about a new project to be allowed to grow. I want to give myself permission to be excited.



The last time I called on this superpower, the words left my fingers and zoomed off into the ether. So I’m asking a second time: this week, I am calling in the superpower of Finding My Alter-Ego, code-named Scooby WHO. This is a search for the best version of me to handle the current events - what might she be like?


How to play along

Because safety is a core value for me, I am asking that comments in this space avoid all the ugly things: shame, blame, judgement. I am asking that disagreement and discussion be polite, respectful, generous, and open to vulnerability.

Because community is healthy behavior, I welcome you to comment, to share your own wants and wishes, to discuss wishing with empathy with me and with each other.

Quit it, People are Dying

Daring Greatly